Friday, 7 February 2014

Saving Dallas Making the cut By Kim Jones

She went searching for a one night stand and ended up falling in love with Luke Carmical, President of the Devil’s Renegades Motorcycle Club. Now she must decide how to handle the aftermath of Frankie’s brutal assault and the knowledge that Luke has been lying to her- about everything. Secrets are revealed and more lies exposed as Dallas Knox, CEO of Knox Companies, becomes more involved in the MC. She wonders if this life is enough for her, if this family is really what she wants. When circumstances present her with an unusual twist of fate, Dallas knows without a doubt, thatthis is the family she has longed for. New problems occur, traumatic events take place and lives hang in the balance as Dallas has to decide what is really most important in life. 

The journey is long. 

The outcome is uncertain. 

Can she Make the Cut?
Read on for my review ....

So yeah i read this book straight after reading Saving Dallas. I do not regret my decision in doing so either. It was kickass.

Oh my god the first book ended so good it got me wanting to start this right away. So happy i did because it was so good from start to finish. 
So much was going on i was so unsure if i had kept up but in the end i got it all. 
I am so glad to hear this isn't the end because i really Stacey to get what he deserves, I want to know Dallas is going to be ok with the choices she made. Also most of all i want to read about there wedding. Seriously this book is hotter then the first one. 
I was stuck most way through wanting to get to the end but wanting it to drag out, not wanting it to end either. 
I got my wish when i did finish and found there is another one. Whoop.

This novel is told in three POV, Luke, Red, and Dallas. I loved the author did this because at times i seriously thought Red and her bloke where the traitors. I even thought at times Maddy was going to be the one to betray the club and Luke. How i was so wrong. Loved it was unpredictable and shocked at the ending with Charlie, i did not see it coming. 

Now for the final ending, i am woman enough to say i did in fact cry. It was all so sweet and picturing all those bikes bringing them home tugged at my heart. Then for him to do what he did was swoon worthy. Although Luke was a bit of a P R I C K in this novel i still found myself wishing he was real because dam that man is hot. 

What a fantastic read and i am excited to say i will be reading the next also. 


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