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Always you By Kirsty Moseley

Always you By Kirsty Moseley

Riley Tanner has a best friend, a best friend a girl could ever wish for. He is loyal, trustworthy, funny and thoughtful. 
When Riley goes away for a long month to England with her mother and step father she comes back to a new school. A new school where her best friend Clay goes. 
With been away for a month Riley's friendship with Clay changes. 
Although they share a bed every week, give each other love bites, kisses, hand holding, there relationship has never gone out of those boundaries. 
But when her feelings for him not only sexually but emotionally she finds herself trying to save there friendship from ending thinking Clay doesn't feel how she feels. 
why would he? He has never had a girlfriend and also the biggest player in school. 

So when Riley decides to date someone else - no other than her best friends rival - things between them change. 
Truth about feelings come out, hearts are broken, and lives put in danger ........
 I loved the characters in this book. There platonic relationship of friendship is remarkable. The story pulls you in a tugs at your heartstrings. 
Having been in a close friendship like Clay and Riley's - Minus love bites, Kissing, etc- i could still relate to there stronger feelings.
It shows a level of maturity from Riley and Clay along there journey. 
The book plays with most of your emotions, Like when she gives in to her desire for Clay but then the next day say she wants to be friends. Like any good book i just wanted to scream and them to just get together but than if they had would it have been better ?? No. I love the book how it is, It made it more exciting, less predictable, brought more suspense.  Throw in the stalker X and things got more interesting. 
I kept telling myself after one more chapter i would go to bed. Of Course that didn't happen, i was still awake gone two in the morning. 
As cheesy as this sounds i even loved her nickname ' Riley Bear', yes totally cheesy. 

The thing that had me the most and broke my heart was the decision that should have been left to Riley but Clay's mother took away from her. When you know someone better then you know yourself, and knowing what they would want in that situation must have been hard for Riley. Especially when Clay woke up and told them what he wanted himself, in that moment it takes your breath away at how much they truly do love each other. How well they know each other.
  This book will have you gripping the edge of the seat, laughing, crying, angry and frustrated. 
I rated Kirsty Moseley's Always you 5*. 

Lisa x 

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